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The Idea: Learning from Nature - Thermal Comfort for Buildings

Learning from nature implies learning to optimise: Over millions of years, nature has developed a highly effective system for the transport of heat and liquids - the capillary network. Is it possible to transfer this evolutionary technique to buildings? Of course it is!

Thermal Life

The heart of the KARO principle is a closed system of thin tubes. Just like blood vessels are located directly under human skin, the capillary tube mats are located just under the surface of walls, floors and ceilings. Cool or hot water flows through the network and supplies the rooms with pleasant temperatures. Welcome to the most natural implementation of heating and cooling.

Just as blood circulation gives life to people, capillary tube technology gives thermal life and comfort to buildings.

Origins of the Capillary Tube Technology

Birth of the KARO Idea

In the 1980s, the German engineer Donald Herbst was looking for a solution to control the temperature in houses in an efficient, energy-saving way. He was impressed by the fascinating capillary network of plants and living creatures. Following nature's example, he designed a mat made of thin and therefore fast-reacting tubes which emulates the capillary network.

The name "KARO" is an acronym of the German word "Kapillarrohr" - meaning capillary tube.

It stands for innovative radiant heating and cooling systems. Worldwide, our partners are skilled, experienced specialists for HVAC and indoor climate comfort based on the KARO idea.

With KARO, you can be sure that you always get the best solution for your climatic requirements.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heat is the most natural source for heating. For centuries, humankind has appreciated the pleasant heat of the sun and an open fire. Just like the role models from nature, capillary tubes use liquids to transport heat because water conducts heat 1000 times better compared to air. Radiant Heating cuts energy consumption, preserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

Capillary Tube Mats Give Off Heat Evenly

Every floor, wall or ceiling can be transformed into an invisible surface heating system. The walls uniformly distribute the heat within the room, store it and keep the temperature constant. KARO systems stop dry heating air. Thanks to their low overall height, the heating systems vanish inside the walls and provide more space to live.

Our KARO partners will put together an energy-efficient and cost-effective system solution for your specific project. Check them out!

Radiant Cooling

Stretches of water reliably and effectively regulate our climate. With capillary tube mats, similar principles are utilized for the control of room temperature and air quality. Radiant cooling can operate with small temperature differences between capillary tube system and room temperature because it takes advantage of large thermally-activated surface areas. Together with natural air mass exchange, the temperature uniformly spread out within the room without disturbing air turbulence.

A Cool Head Thanks to KARO Systems

Too much heat quickly has a negative effect on people's comfort and ability to concentrate. A chilled ceiling or wall ensures pleasant coolness without freezing. The capillary tube network directly beneath the surface uniformly removes surplus thermal radiation without generating unpleasant coldness or draughts. Offices with KARO systems remain refreshingly still and silent.

Our partners can also integrate the innovative radiant cooling technology into existing buildings.

Result: Radiant Heating-Cooling Comfort

Our radiant heating-cooling solutions ensure maximum room comfort by providing silent and natural temperature control. As a water-carrying, closed system, it does not stir up dust and therefore contributes to a reduction of germs and pathogens in the room air. Thanks to the capillary tube systems, rooms are not only kept at a pleasant temperature but also provide health benefits. This is why hospitals worldwide have invested in radiant heating and cooling systems. 

Silent, Flexible, Perfect

The KARO principle offers a great flexibility. Radiant heating and radiant cooling works with the same system. By this, it saves space and avoids duplicate installation costs. Our systems are suitable for any type of building - whether new or modernized. They can flexibly be adapted to different surface structures and leave plenty of creative choices to architecture and interior design.

KARO is like a classic English butler: You don't see it, you don't hear it, but it's always there when you need it. Make KARO your indoor climate butler!

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